Ariana Grande Talks About Manchester Bombing Anniversary

ariana grande

Pop superstar Ariana Grande has reached out to her fans and followers to deliver a heartwarming message ahead of the anniversary of the devastating Manchester bombing. 

In what would go on to be one of the most shocking moments in music history, Ariana Grande was at the centre of a devastating bombing that took place at Manchester. Her show, part of the Dangerous Woman tour, was the site of a mass bombing back in 2017. The attack claimed the lives of 23 people (including the attacker), and went on to injure 139 people; half of them were children. 

Amid all the drama with Lana Del Rey, she proved she had bigger things to talk about. Ariana Grande took to her Instagram stories to share a heartwarming message. She writes: “I want to take a moment to acknowledge and send my love to everyone that is feeling the sadness and tremendous heaviness of the anniversary coming up this week.”

Ariana Grande has been open and vulnerably honest about the after effects of the attack, and being a part of such a moment in history. In one interview, close to the one-year anniversary marking the bombing, Ariana said: “Music is supposed to be the safest thing in the world. I think that’s why it’s still so heavy on my heart every single day. I wish there was more that I could fix. You think with time it’ll become easier to talk about. Or you’ll make peace with it. But every day I wait for that peace to come and it’s still very painful.”

Ariana Grande has also revealed that the attack left her vulnerable to depression and anxiety in the months to follow. 

May 22nd, 2020 will mark the two year anniversary of the Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman World Tour. 

By Ahalya Narayanan

DMX Claims Eminem “Don’t Want It With Him”

eminem dmx

Some news beats bubbling out on the East Coast. The Verzuz series on Instagram started by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland pits hitmakers against each other and sees them go tooth for tooth, artistically speaking. Recently Usher faced some Barbz wrath because of it. Now DMX and Eminem have been caught up in the storm.

DatPiff on Twitter: "DMX VS EMINEM. WHO'S WINNING?… "

Norega had earlier hinted Eminem might be keen on getting a rap battle on with his ex-collaborator DMX. He made an Instagram post and captioned it, “This moment is so Legend 3 minutes before this @therealswizzz CALLS X and says Eminem is down for that smoke.” He is seen in the picture with DMX as he says, “and X SAY HE CAN GET BUT I STILL WANT JAY HAHA SO CLASSIC BEHIND THE SCENES SHIT SORRY IF I WASNT POST TO SAY NOTHING but I had to DMX VS SLIM SHADY??? What y’all think??? I’m riding wit the DOG!!!”

Now a footage has been revealed of a phone call between DMX and Swizz Beatz that shows DMX on the phone.

DMX is heard saying “What about Em? Em don’t want it. Em don’t want it. I’d rather go for, you know, my arch-nemesis [Jay-Z]. He don’t gotta come outside, n***a, it’s in the house! You saying he don’t want to face me and play some records?” Swizz can be heard remarking that it’s a celebration, furthering X’s logic. “We celebrating music, and he got some hits too. He can play ‘Money Cash Hoes,’ I can play ‘Money Cash Hoes.’ Make it happen.” 

By: Nupur Saraswat

Lana Del Rey Slams Haters; Mentions Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and More

lana del rey

Alt pop singer-songwriter, Lana Del Rey, took to her Instagram to speak out against the modern-day critique of her lyricism and songwriting. Making it very clear where she stands, the singer holds no bars in a post that she has titled: ‘Question for the culture’. 

Lana Del Rey has long been described as the manic pixie dream girl of music. And while some audiences love and relate to her style of music, and have heralded her as one of the foremost female songwriters in the industry today, many have criticised her for “glamorising abuse”. 

Lana Del Rey made it big with songs like “Blue Jeans”, “Young and Beautiful” and “National Anthem”, carving a niche space for herself in commercial music defined by the melancholia, tragic romance and nostalgia reminiscent of the Americana sound. Throughout her career, she has been dragged for writing her truth and in her Instagram post earlier today, she’s finally laid it bare. 

Calling the names of her peers – Nicki Minaj, Camila Cabello, Doja Cat, Cardi  B, Beyonce and Kehlani among others, Lana Del Rey calls out the hypocrisy of pop music as it stands today, saying: “Now that (they’ve) had number ones with songs about being sexy, wearing no clothes, f**king, cheating, etc – can I please go back to singing about being embodied, feeling beautiful by being in love even if the relationship is not perfect, or dancing for money – or whatever I want – without being crucified or saying that I’m glamorising abuse??????”. 

Referring to some of pop music’s biggest female stars, and songs like “My Oh My”, “Say So”, and “Side to Side”, Lana Del Rey points out that all the songs reaching No. 1 have to do with ideas of expression, just like hers. She further states: “Let this be clear, I’m not a feminist – but there has to be a place in feminism for women who look and act like me – the kind of woman who says no but men hear yes – the kind of women who are slated mercilessly for being their authentic, delicate selves, The kind of women who get their own stories and voices taken away from them by stronger women or by men who hate women.”

Ending the post on a positive note, Lana Del Rey has confirmed the news – her new album will release on the 5th of September. 

And while Lana Del Rey trends at No. 1 on Twitter, garnering attention for her words, many are raising their objections with the fact that she has labelled herself “not a feminist”. Comments against her point of privilege when remarking that she “has paved the way” have also surfaced.

In any case, we’ve all been warned against the narrowness and hypocrisy that threatens the voice of women world over. If modern-day critique is about facilitating all expression, this piece by Lana Del Rey has brought to light the facade of inclusivity in pop music today. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan