Ariana Grande is the New May Queen

Pop princess, Ariana Grande, recently celebrated her 27th birthday and over the weekend, she went all out. When you put celebrities and birthday parties on the same plate, you can expect grandiose celebrations. And, Ariana got just what she wanted: a birthday party based on the 2019 Psychological horror flick, ‘Midsommar’. 

Now, for those of you who steer clear from these genres, we’ll give you a quick synopsis. So, it all begins when a couple travel to Sweden to visit their friend’s rural hometown for its fabled midsummer festival. What was meant to be a relaxing getaway, gradually transforms into a hellish experience at the hands of a pagan cult.

Yup, we completely understand if you need a minute to let that sink in. Over the weekend, the young star had this Midsommar-themed party, complete with elaborate flower crowns and a throne weighed down by flowers of every hue. Ariana Grande also took to Instagram to reveal that her friends had surprised her with this bizarrely-themed party.

Ariana Might’ve Also Caught The Attention of a Special Someone

What followed were a flood of pictures, including ones with her brother Frankie Grande and current beau – Dalton Gomez.  

Oh and the cherry on this cake? The party found its space under the ‘Midsommar’ star, Florence Pugh’s, radar. She was simply delighted with this turn of events.  

“Mayqueeen!! Now have some mushroom tea,” Pugh captioned an Instagram Story video of Ariana’s party, referencing a scene from the film.

Without missing a beat, Ariana Grande responded with a sweet, “I love uuuuuu.”

Honestly, we should’ve seen this coming because just last year, Ariana took to Twitter to gush about the film. “Do u think it’s okay that midsommar is my favorite bedtime movie atm or should I seek help immediately,” Grande tweeted. 

It’s completely okay, Ariana, we ain’t judging you. 

By: Nina Karun

Halsey Drags You Into A Dreamland in ‘Be Kind’

Topping the list of headline-grabbers is none other than Halsey. She’s been in the news for a multitude of reasons: from channeling her efforts into the #BlackLivesMatter Movement, to her upcoming poetry book and now, the music video for her collaboration with Marshmello, ‘Be Kind’ –  Halsey seems to have no intention to move out from under the spotlight. 

Now, the music video boasts of some fancy camera work and a whole load of pretty great visual effects. We see Halsey with her neon pink hair, dancing about in an abandoned, oddly aesthetic building. She then hops into a colourful cityscape, reminiscent of a scene from an anime-turned-live action. Donning a crop top and a sunny yellow skirt, Halsey continues to dance below cherry blossoms. 

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Be Kind w @marshmellomusic VIDEO tomorrow 🌼

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Marshmello makes an appearance here and there, adding an element of stillness to the whole video. All in all, it’s quite splendid.

Perhaps what’s rather admirable about this video is the fact that it was filmed entirely in quarantine. And a big kudos to Halsey, as she managed to learn all the choreography through FaceTime –  and that’s no easy feat. Oh and, not to forget, Halsey also served as her very own makeup artist for the shoot.

Now, coming to the song itself, the duo wanted to put out a track that would bring comfort and solace to listeners, particularly during this difficult period. And the lyrics to this tune reflect just this-

I don’t know why you hide from the one
And close your eyes to the one
Mess up and lie to the one that you love
When you know you can cry to the one
Always confide in the one
You can be kind to the one that you love

The uplifting tune arrived in early May, and not long after, it even found a spot on the charts. 

By: Nina Karun