9 Year Old Makes History At AGT With Group-Golden Buzzer

Image courtesy: Billboard, Lars Brandle

America’s Got Talent witnessed a historic moment on Tuesday( July 6) when nine-year-old opera singer Victory Brinker received a group golden buzzer on stage following her performance. All four of the judges on the panel (Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel) as well as the show host, Terry Crews, simultaneously hit the golden buzzer and sent the entire auditorium into a wave of unprecedented excitement.

Credits: CinemaBlend

Victory Brinker achieved something on AGT that no other contestant before her ever did. The 9-year-old opera singer from Pennsylvania had the audience on their toes from the minute she went up on stage. When asked by Simon what she would do if she won a million dollars, Victory gave a sassy reply that she would buy Simon a new T-Shirt as he ‘needs some color!’ The audience burst into a fit of laughter but not a single one of them had been prepared for what followed.

Victory went on to perform the  “Juliet’s Waltz” with a voice that was far beyond her years and it sent a chill down every single soul who watched her. She finished with a powerfully high note which left the judges with disbelief and shock written all over their faces. Catch her breathtaking( quite literally) performance right below!

Following her performance, Simon summoned Terry over to the Judges Panel before he turned to Victory and said “We’re not going to give you a “Yes” today”. The audience of course erupts into a loud boo and a disheartened Victory looks on before Simon adds, “We’re going to do something else we’ve never, ever, ever done on the show before. We are all going to give you something special.” All five of them then pressed the Golden Buzzer and the stage broke into a confetti shower while every audience member stood up giving a well-deserved standing ovation to the young singer. Wow, talk about talent right?

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