Harry Styles is known for making heads turn. Now add James Corden and his whole posey to the mix and you’ve got everyone’s attention. James and Harry have been an iconic duo ever since Harry’s appearance on the Late Late Show with his One Direction mates.

The ‘Sign of the Times’ hitmaker is going to great lengths to promote his new music and rest assured he is not disappointing. ‘Watermelon Sugar’ was released an hour before Styles performed it for the first time on Saturday Night Live and shocked his fans with a stunning performance. This track is now engulfing the world in all its glory.

While filming with Corden for The Late Late Show, Styles took to the streets of Los Angeles to perform tunes from his second studio album that will be released on 13th December of this year. The star ziplined across the street whilst singing ‘Sign of the Times’ and later ‘Watermelon Sugar’ on a podium with back-up dancers dressed as watermelons along with watermelon umbrellas.

James actively took part in the festivities by handing out pink flyers to passers-by to witness this ‘live in concert’ performed by ‘Harry Stiles’, which he purposely spelled incorrectly. Harry even performed ‘Kiwi’ from his debut album.

Styles, Corden and all the dancers were part of multiple costumes changes. It was a colourful spectacle and thoroughly entertained everyone who stopped to watch. If a street concert was that spectacular, he is sure to knock your socks off on his 2020 tour. Work it! You ‘Sweet Creature’.


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