Wake Me Up When September Starts

Adele just confirmed that she’s releasing her new album in September and we are screaming. Fans are losing their minds over what’s going to be her 4th album which she has been reportedly recording since 2018.

The ‘Skyfall’ hitmaker has been hinting on the album’s release since May 2019, when the singer shared several photographs of herself celebrating her birthday on her Instagram.

However, much like one of her tracks, this turned out to be a rumour until Adele officiated a friend’s wedding and told the guests to expect an album release in September of this year. Her manager released this clip of the singer who was a performer and officiant of the friends, Laura Dockrill and former Maccabees member, Hugo White.

Perhaps we can begin all the speculations on what this album might be called, but what we do know is that Adele clearly said, ‘25’ will be the last project to be titled after her age as she believes in trilogies. It could even just simply be named ‘Adele’, something she mentioned to James Corden in 2016 during one of his editions of ‘Carpool Karaoke’.

Ah! While September seems so far away, if we’re lucky, she might just surprise us with a single or two on the way.

Justin Bieber’s Got Something For Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has been enjoying spotlight for quite some time now. Not only did she bag 5 Grammy’s but she also completed a stunning performance at the Oscars and just dropped the latest Bond theme song! But for now, let’s backtrack to her stand out performance at the Grammys. She delivered a gorgeous rendition of ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles and while we loved it, she thinks otherwise.

According to Eilish, her performance was absolute, “trash”. Yup, that’s exactly what she said, but come on honey, give yourself some credit! After all, if you’ve heard her track, ‘No Time To Die’ then you’ll know that those vocals are no joke!

But maybe she has a reason for feeling this way. In a recent interview with Zane Lowe the young star revealed that she’s been under the weather since the Academy Awards.

“I was sick for all of the Oscars, I bombed that performance. That was trash,” she explained. “At least the Grammys wasn’t as scary because it was, like, artists, and it felt like my people. It was like, ‘Oh, look, a bunch of artists!’ And I knew a lot of them already and I’d met them and they knew of me. But the Oscars, I’m like, these are movie stars,” she added.

Well, while it’s completely understandable for an artist to be overly critical of their work, considering all the positive feedback and the fact that she’s still a newbie to the industry, perhaps she doesn’t need to be this hard on herself?

Now, on a lighter note, Eilish also discussed her thrill over releasing the James Bond theme song, “No Time To Die”. Surprisingly, the recording session finished pretty quickly and that might have been because the siblings have been dreaming about creating a track for the Bond films for years.

“We got a piece of the script, like the first scene, and then we wrote the song immediately,” she confessed. “We wrote it in three days and we wrote it in Texas and we recorded it in a bunk on the bus in a basement in the dark.”

Well, her talent is clearly evident and someone who’s kept an eye on her for a while now is actually none other than Justin Bieber. He collaborated on the remixed version of her track, ‘Bad Guy’ and somewhere, Bieber’s always known that she would just blossom as a musician.

In fact, in yet another interview with Zane Lowe, Bieber opened up about his relationship with the young star. “Yeah, I definitely feel protective of her,” he admitted.

“It was hard for me being that young and being in the industry and not knowing where to turn and everyone telling me they loved me and you know, just turning their back on you in a second,” he confessed, a little tearful, “I just kind of let her do her thing and if she ever needs me I’m going to be here for her.”

Well, in an industry brimming with pressure and competition, it’s always nice to see musicians looking out for each other, especially considering that Billie started out so young.