Xperience Session: In Conversation with Rajni Shivaram

This time around, our Xperience Session witnessed the blues star, Rajni Shivaram, in conversation with RJ Melbin. The Bangalore based musician arrived on the scene after completing a course in engineering and notching a master’s degree in Biotechnology. But ultimately, when the music gods called, she had to pick up, as that was where her passion truly lay.

The star, who was blessed with husky vocals, ideal for the blues – still took a sufficient amount of time to grow into the kind of musician she wanted to be. And finally, she managed to contribute in a big way, to the blues scene in the country. After exploring the music landscape with The Chronic Blues Circus, she went on to nurture her very own band: Midnight Poppies.

And in our Xperience Session, she sheds some light on the genesis of ‘Midnight Poppies,’ right from its title, which did indeed come to mind at odd hours.

Rajni Shivaram also gave us a glimpse of her life in lockdown. Juggling between learning the piano and taking a few Jazz courses, she’s also spent a lot of her time on songwriting. “I make it a point to sit down and reflect on the day. I don’t really force myself to write but it’s given me a lot of room to pen down my thoughts.” The star also highlighted the importance of introspection during these trying times.

Apart from all this, Rajni Shivaram also put forth her answers to a wild round of rapid fire questions. Oh and not to mention the fact that she had a lot to say about RJ Melbin’s brand new hairdo. So, if you want in on all the fun, just watch on!