Troye Sivan is Saving the Day this Quarantine Season

Troye Sivan has generously offered to work with freelancers for his upcoming song. He said that the money allocated to his music video will be used to pay freelancers who can help design supporting material.

In this time of the pandemic, many are unable to make a living especially the freelancers as various projects have been put on hold. Troy said that he simply wanted to help self employed graphic designers and artists affected by the crisis by working with them on new promotional material.

He posted an image of him on Instagram captioned , ” I would like to release me music. I just decided.Freelance artists HMU I want to work with you and take the money I would be spending on music videos and give it to you. This is a tough and scary time and I feel so lucky to have music and art to get me through emotionally and financially and I want to share that so bad!”

Fans were elated to see Troy making such quick decisions that would help out many of them. Some even enquired into the release of his song which he said would drop ‘very soon’. It’s been about two years since Sivan released his sophomore album Bloom to extensive critical and commercial success.

The artist had recently been posting vague details about his song on Twitter letting the world witness a fun exchange between him and his fans. He tweeted “Guys hey lol , I’m going berserk in quarantine and will be releasing new music ASAP!” Well quarantine is bringing out the creative juices in many artists and we’re glad that everyone is doing a great job in raising their morale with all these new projects and home concerts!

Troye’s song “Take Yourself Home” is all set to release on 1st April.

MIA is the True Indie Artist Spirit

This is MIA’s world and we are just living in it – this has been quite clear from the very start, now that she has been making music for the last 15 years. WE have witnessed the many artistic projects and music she has blessed us with.

But recently in a true indie artist spirit she made a Patreon account which is available for fans to subscribe to for as little as $5 and $10 per month, on a tier basis. The subscribers have access to “short films, clips and video diaries,” unreleased footage from her MATANGI/MAYA/M.I.A documentary, live streams, Q&As and new music, which is what she has now delivered!

To mark the 15th anniversary of her debut album “Arular”, she released a new song on her Patreon called ‘OHMNI20209’ just for her subscribers. “Free music to get you the fuck up outta bed! Here’s the beginning,” M.I.A. tweeted Sunday, announcing the song’s arrival.

“I’m doing a Patreon, because I make so much stuff and record so many things that aren’t music and don’t fit on other platforms,” M.I.A. wrote when she started using the platform to truly reach all her fans. “I’m still making music, putting out the 6th album which is nearly finished, on a normal label, same as the others.”

We are all here for the artists who are an open book and beckon us in with beautiful, moving revolutionary music.