The Weeknd’s kept us at the edge of our seats, with just snippets from his upcoming album, but no more information regarding it. And now, the wait is over. He just dropped the title and accompanying album trailer, which doesn’t really help, because now we’re just yearning for even more!

The official album trailer shows us a spectrum of colours colliding, before the camera tracks back and we see the tail light of a car. The car travels through a seemingly endless tunnel, before it emerges into an upside down cityscape. Buildings drenched in countless lights, dangling from the skies and slowly, very slowly, a few letters appear on screen, spelling out the album title, ‘After Hours’.

This will be The Weeknd’s first studio album since 2016’s ‘Starboy’. Though he did release, the EP My Dear Melancholy in 2018, ‘After Hours’ marks his first full length album in quite a while.

He’s given us a taste of this upcoming album through tracks like ‘Blinding Lights’ and ‘Heartless’ which both seem to revolve around a similar theme: a kind of loneliness that dwells deep within, the pretense of happiness in a world filled only with money, and how even love seems far away when the lights are so bright.

We can assume, that the crux of the album will reflect similar ideas. While he still hasn’t unveiled the release date for this project, hopefully the wait won’t be too long. But, then again, the Weeknd himself has got quite a busy month ahead. In early March, he’ll be making his third appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, with Daniel Craig as the host. We don’t know what he’ll be performing, but if we keep our fingers crossed, he might just premiere a new song!


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