The Motivation – Savage remix is right wicked

“Motivation” is a pop tinged anthem that was released this summer by the former Fifth Harmony singer, Normani, and now we have a fantastic remix that just dropped, featuring 21 Savage!

21 Savage takes on a role of someone’s lover as he raps that he won’t be afraid to end his relationship if he’s lied to, “Don’t take it personally’, baby, sometimes I be shy (On God)/ I’ma leave her when she say ‘I always lie’/ You can’t hear the rumors when you’re this high in the sky (Facts)/ If you can’t touch the ground, we complement each other, fly,”

21 savage adds a new perspective to the track while also hinting that he’s absolutely smitten, as he raps “One look was all it took, she know what to do / I swear she read me like a book / Be my motivation, when I come home she gonna cook,”

“Motivation” lounged on Billboard’s Hot 100’s Top 40 for months and the artist recently participated in a collab with the starlet, Ariana Grande, for the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ soundtrack.

We know how much you enjoy the original song but this remix just isn’t worth missing!


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