Meet Melbin. You might think He is just your average Joe, but don’t let his middle name fool you. Melbin Joe Mathew, aside from having 3 fully functional first names, he is also the first name to bring you the latest trending Stories every morning on a platter. Waking up to the sun every morning has had a profound effect on his otherwise lazy capabilities. The blunt edges have gotten sharper, the witty side suddenly has an extra Y, and the sarcasm..well lets just say Melbin will make the perfect partner for you!

He has a taste for the finer things in life – if your definition of finer is similar to Fred Flintsone. He eats a bit, if your definition of a ‘bit’ is 5 servings and dessert after (Mostly eats things that have the ability to eat). Not to mention his unparalleled fashion sense.

Long story short, he possesses the unique ability to undefine the defined and make a tasteful joke or two while he’s at it. And his unusual(sometimes downright questionable) sense of dark humour will make you jump and take notice and sometimes even question your own beliefs. Taking in a prescribed dosage of Melbin every morning will keep you on a high for the entire day.

Tune in on weekdays from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM!


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