The G minors string Well together

Here’s that music revival we were talking about! The Indigo family has always been about all things fun and young and what better way to carry that on than to shine teh light on all the bubbling, young talent that this city has to offer.

Presenting to you the young, fresh group – G Minors, a bunch of talented young people from Gopalan International School! Watch on as they shred the guitars, beat those drums and burn the stage with their talent.

Location Courtesy: Indigo XP, Koramangala

Daisuki – The Cosplay Band

Daisuki Cosplay Band – Cosplay and music? An unlikely combination – one that you didn’t know you wanted, but most definitely needed.

The Daisuki Cosplay Band, Bangalore’s leading cosplay musicians dropped by the studio this past week and gave us a one on one with their unending talents.Watch on and be amused!