Sir Elton John Will Be Live at Your Home

Fox has teamed up with iHeartRadio to bring to your homes the one and only Elton John in their annual iHeartRadio Music Awards. The proceeds will go to Feeding America and First Responders Children’s Foundation.

Elton John will be hosting a one-hour event, which will see the likes of Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boys, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong, Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw, and more to be announced along with the full line up. This is setting a great example of what the industry is capable of when it comes to solidarity for those in need. Similar home concerts which are largely self-filmed are in the long line of other online activities that are happening around the world. James Corden has also announced a Late Late Show to be held in his garage which will see some great talents joining in remotely.

You can catch iHeartRadio’s telecast on Fox as well as all of Fox’s digital platforms. It will be commercial free and the viewers will be paying per view.

A great initiative in times that need great initiatives.

Cardi Helps Corona to The Billboard Charts

Cardi B be spittin fire on instagram. She recently ranted about the global pandemic and its repercussions on Instagram. The video garnered thousands of views over the days before it was picked up by DJ iMarkkeyz, known for his viral music remixes.

He chopped up the video, adding some hip hop beats to it and repackaged it for the world to witness. The remix went viral with special attention given to the rapper’s delivery of the disease as “Corona-VIRUS!” and an off-the-cuff “sh– is getting real”.

The remixed virus of “CoronaVirus” sold out 3000 copies in the first week. It later debuted at No.9 on the Billboard Rap Digital Song Sales and at No.13 on the Hip Hop Digital Sales. In addition, “Coronavirus” picked up 626,000 U.S. on-demand streams in the same period.Well so much of Quarantine does bring out your creative juices.

The Brooklyn DJ said that all profit made from the track will be sent to assist families affected by the pandemic. Cardi B had come under fire a week ago when she dismissed COVID fears as government propaganda. In that video, she said that all celebrities testing positive were paid to do so.

However in the most recent video she was seen speaking about the celebrity privilege and lack of government assistance in the current situation. The rapper shared a video to her Instagram, addressing her fans in a surgical mask. Cardi preached about celebrities, president Trump and the current administration, whose flood of mixed messages on Covid-19 completely overlooks the dire reality for millions of Americans.Great job on the research Cardi B , Keep that mind busy!