Selena Gomez has her work cut out for her, what with the release of er brand new album “Rare”, press interviews, fan interactions and just generally being an A list celebrity.

She spent the weekend celebrating with her friends – from a cosy little cake cutting at home to a dinner outing at the famous West Hollywood restaurant “Craig’s” and turns out the songstress had an unexpected run-in.

Haily Bieber, Selena’s ex’s wife, was also spotted dining at the same restaurant. The two reportedly didn;t actually run into each other, but hey, the Internet doesn;t need a reason to start a fight.

Madison Beer – friend and professional partner of Justin has always had a close relationship with Selena and continued to post Jelena. She’s also, however, friends with Hailey Bieber, and that night, was spotted at dinner with Bieber, not Gomez. This was enough for fans to attack her for being disloyal and malicious.

Selena, who has always been one for kindness and love, responded to a critic under Madison’s Instagram post condemning people for being harsh, unkind and saying “mean things.”

The singer’s studio album dropped on the 10th of January and has been receiving rave reviews ever since its release. She subsequently dropped the music video for the single “Rare” – a magical, fantastical video complete with a beautiful Selena taking a tour of some kind of nymph land.


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