Rosalia is Hurt !!

Rosalia dropped a new song titled “Dolerme” which means “hurt me”. The spanish singer put out this heartbreaking ballad to ease the tensions surrounding the crisis. She shows her most romantic side in the track that talks about the heartbreak of a lover taking you for granted.

“They don’t know what awaits them.” She compares her self-destructive tendencies in the relationship to a car accident — “I accelerate to see if I can crash/I want you to see it and don’t think about stopping me” — and wishes that her ex put as much sacrifice into their love as she did.

The art work for the track is eerily relatable as it depicts a woman sitting in her room bored out of her mind just like many of us in quarantine. The woman lies on her bed , bejeweled with a sphynx cat and a knife beside her. A mask is strewn around the bed which kinda looks like most of us at home right now.

Her announcement on twitter had an emotional comforting message for her fans. “Many of us are in quarantine and many of us are leaving our skin outside the home. I am in quarantine and I have lost track of time a bit because I decided that I was not going to think about it too much and that instead I was going to put my energy and my heart into doing something for others, in my own way ”, she wrote.

Recently the singer captioned a post on instagram with 7/3/20 hinting at a possible album release. Rosalía’s last LP, El Mal Querer, came out in 2018. We can’t wait for more refreshing music from her !

Dua Lipa Drops “Break My Heart”

Dua Lipa dropped the 4th single from her album “Future Nostalgia”. This comes in after her decision to release the album earlier than the scheduled date in April. She now plans to drop the album on March 27th and as a small surprise for her fans , Dua released the “Break My Heart” yesterday.

The retro inspired song was co-produced by the Monsters & Strangerz and Watt. The catchy chorus goes something like this “I would’ve stayed at home, ’cause I was always better alone / But when you said ‘Hello’, I knew it was the end of it all / I should’ve stayed at home, ’cause now there ain’t no letting you go / Am I falling in love with the one that could break my heart?”. Well, yup we should be staying at home , these lyrics have never been more relatable for the millions who are quarantined due to the ongoing crisis.

Dua may be singing about an emotional wreckage but the pumpy beat makes sure that everyone is grooving to this! “Break My Heart” follows the release of “Future Nostalgia” and its title track “Physical”. “Physical” captivated us with a retro 20’s inspired workout video that broke the internet upon its release.

“Future Nostalgia” was supposed to be released in April but it was announced that the release date would be sooner due to the Corona Virus crisis. The artist painfully told her fans via Instagram Live about her reasons to release the album earlier and why she doesn’t really want to do it. She said “ I am really happy it’s coming out, and I’m really excited for you all to hear it. Make of it what you will.”

Many artists have been releasing their music earlier than anticipated due to the crisis which might mean lesser circulation of the song due to inflation and the economic meltdown that will follow the pandemic.