The Trailer For Jennifer Lopez’s New Documentary Is Out

Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming OTT documentary ‘Halftime’ has released a trailer in which she talks about how ‘Hustlers’ was overlooked for an Oscars. On 8th June, the film will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival before being released on OTT on 14th June.

Image courtesy: Elle

In the trailer, Lopez says that she does what she does, not for an award but to connect with people and make them feel things, because she wants to feel something. Lopez discusses her infamous Oscars snub for ‘Hustlers’ in the teaser, stating that she has always struggled in Hollywood to be heard, to be seen and to be taken seriously.

She added that that it was so hard and she had very low self-esteem and that she really had to figure out who she is and only believe in that and nothing else.

Check out the trailer:

Image courtesy: The New York Times

‘Halftime’ is a behind-the-scenes look at Jennifer Lopez’s strength and dedication that has helped her become the icon she is, from her performances on-screen and on stages around the world, to her Super Bowl Halftime show and the recent Presidential inauguration, according to the synopsis for the film. The film centres on an international celebrity whose endurance, creative brilliance and cultural achievements have inspired people for decades. And this is just the start.

‘Halftime’ is the start of Lopez’s second half of life, as she lays bare her transformation as a Latina, a mother and an artist, taking control of her profession and using her voice for a better good.

Image courtesy: The News International

Lopez’s most recent film appearance was in the romantic comedy ‘Marry Me’. ‘Marry Me’ is even less enjoyable than Kat’s choice in natty hats: Maluma is underutilised throughout and the original songs are so monotonous that you’ll find yourself wishing Kat would simply smash out ‘On the Floor’ instead.