Megan Thee Stallion Talks About Her ‘Unspoken Bond’ With Dua Lipa

Megan Thee Stallion has commented about her ‘unspoken bond’ with Dua Lipa, a recent collaborator. Megan mentioned that she felt like Dua reminded her of a familiar spirit. 

Image courtesy: Allure

Megan said to Vogue in a piece on the UK singer that she didn’t know how well she would get along with Lipa until they collaborated on ‘Sweetest Pie’ in March.

Speaking about Dua, Megan said that Dua is so gorgeous and established that we don’t know what to expect. She said that there might be a lot of divas like Dua, but she is just so nice and that they have an unspoken bond.

Image courtesy: Insider

Megan first expressed interest in recording a song with the ‘New Rules’ actress last year, stating that she was super excited in June, 2021. On her Instagram stories, Lipa responded by saying that she loves Megan Thee Stallion and will rock it together.

Check out the music video for Sweetest Pie below:

Image courtesy: Teen Vogue

Clarence Coffee Jr., Dua’s friend and co-songwriter, also said that Lipa penned her section of the song in under an hour.

Both the artists have given updates about their upcoming projects. Meg reaffirmed that her new album – the official follow-up to her 2020 debut, ‘Good News’ – is nearing completion this month, saying that she’s now 95 percent done.