Sia & Songwriting: Gems From Her Collaborations

Sia just tied up with her longtime collaborator and close friend, David Guetta, for a brand new uplifting tune, ‘Let’s Love’. Interestingly, this marks the star’s ninth collaboration with the DJ and perhaps we can deem them the “Dream team” because everything they’ve touched in the past has turned to gold.

Be it the heartwrenching ‘She Wolf’ or the burst of energy that came with ‘Titanium’ or even their sparkly party anthem, ‘One Two Wild’ – together, David Guetta and Sia have amassed more than 2 billion streams on their tracks. Now, while you let those figures digest, we figured in celebration of their new collaboration, we’d look back on all the gems they’ve worked together on in the past. We’re throwing these brilliant tunes under the microscope and picking out some of the brightest bits of songwriting that Sia has forged. The star is known to be one of the most prolific songwriters in the pop music world and it’s certainly not an exaggeration.

Sia has always managed to craft ideas of love, hope and youth into concepts that are larger than life. She often uses charming little allusions in her songs, be it wolves or simply the night sky, every emotion is drenched with a fantastical touch. And perhaps that’s why all her tracks arrive with a powerful intensity, one that threatens to swallow you whole. But that’s the magic of her songwriting. So, without further ado, go ahead and step into Sia’s world.

Photo Credits: Sia Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun