Halsey & Songwriting: A Look at her Most Poetic Lyrics

American singer-songwriter, Halsey, has cemented herself as a household name in the pop music scene. And, as the times go by, her voice in the spectrum of socio-political issues has become a loved artist world over. Now, from unapologetic advocacy of women’s rights to being a champion for art with a cause, she’s been an ever-evolving. And, so has her songwriting.

And, this week, the star celebrates her birthday. From radio pop hits to lesser known indie-pop B-Sides, Halsey has tried it all. And, with a number of smash hit singles, poetic lyricism and fiery stage presence, she’s here to stay. So, celebrating her artistry on her big day, here’s a look at some of her most prominent songwriting moments.

By: Ahalya Narayanan