Eminem & Songwriting: A Look at His Raw Lyrics

Eminem is the RapGod for a reason, be it him rapping so fast that he beats his own speed or spitting out some sick verses while he’s at. When anyone thinks of rap music, he definitely comes to the mind, that’s the legacy he’s created. Whether it’s talking about his mother, ex-wife, daughters, artists, nemesis, racism, politics or even just about himself, he’s spoken it all.

Eminem knows how to connect with people, he is super honest in his lyrics. As he raps from his experiences, he also raises up the bar for others in the field. So, there is no doubt that he’s got some of the best lines in a lot of songs. Let’s take a look at the top ten of them.

(Photos by Eminem’s Official Instagram)

By : Aatira Kakroo