Childish Gambino Wins Us With His Songwriting

Childish Gambino rose to fame in no time, the American singer-songwriter has established himself in ways that are very powerful. The singer dropped his first studio album, “Camp” in 2011 and since then, nothing has stopped him from reaching for the stars.

Childish Gambino has dropped three studio albums from the time he joined the music world. He won his first Grammy Award with the success of ‘Redbone‘ which was followed by four Grammy Awards for ‘This Is America‘. So, you can expect that the man has done something pretty big for him to bag such big trophies.

You must be wondering what that is? Well, it’s his songwriting. Childish Gambino has a way of expressing his opinions in his songs. He speaks about political i ssues, racism, equality, gender bias, relationships, mental health and what not!

To celebrate Childish Gambino’s birthday, here are the times he won us over with his powerful and strong songwriting.

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By: Aatira Kakroo