Billie Eilish & Songwriting: A Look at Her Peculiar Lyrics

The last time Billie Eilish gushed about ‘The Office’, she mentioned binging the show for the 15th time in quarantine. Well, it looks like her undying love and loyalty to the show has paid off, because she just got a foot in through the door. The young star will be helping the cast of the beloved sitcom, do a deep dive into the history of the show on an upcoming 12-part podcast called ‘An Oral History of The Office’.

The show is set to drop on July 14 on Spotify. The series will go back to the very beginning, when co-creator Ben Silverman met with ‘The Office’ creator Ricky Gervais at a Starbucks to breathe life into this brand new mockumentary.

Now, speaking of ‘The Office’, Billie Eilish has truly carved her love for it in stone, er-song. Seriously. She managed to slip some bits of dialogue between the verses of one of her older numbers, ‘My Strange Addiction’. Well, if that took you by surprise, then you’ve got to pull up a chair because this school is in session.

We’re diving deep into some of Billie’s most bizarre, spine-chilling lyrics.

Photo Credits: Billie Eilish Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun