All You Need to Know; Yungblud

Dominic Harrison, fondly known as Yungblud celebrates his 23rd birthday today. The star has witnessed a rapid rise to fame after he settled comfortably into the Pop-Punk genre. But interestingly, there are quite a few factors at play here. Yungblud’s politically inclined lyrics, hatred for the system, gender-bending style and chaotic charisma have all struck a strong chord with the Gen-Z. His debut EP, ‘Yungblud’ made its landing on 19th January, 2018 and the star has come a long way since then.

But as he continues to find his footing in the industry and carve out a unique space for himself, we figured it might be a good time to properly introduce you to him. From his little quirks to his blossoming passion for music, here’s your chance to get to know Yungblud a tad bit more intimately.

Photo Credits: Yungblud Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun