10 Times Selena Gomez Was a Sizzling Beauty

Selena Gomez is a rare beauty

Selena Gomez is no stranger to the camera. The star has been center stage since the age of 7, starting out as a mini star on the ‘Barney’ show. So, as the years went by, she took over pop culture and social media, even becoming the most followed profile on Instagram at one point.

The Secret of Rare Beauty

And, now, with a following of a whopping 193 million people, Gomez is a household name and face. But, as she once said, she “doesn’t want to see your selfies. [she] wants to see your hearts.” And, in the past few months, her social media platforms have become a harbour of positivity, self-love and celebration. So, to celebrate her beauty – inside and out – here’s a look at 10 times she was a sizzling beauty.

Photo Credits: Selena Gomez’s Official Instagram

By: Ahalya Narayanan