10 Times Halsey Invented Aesthetics

Halsey recently had her fans scratching their heads over her latest Twitter exchange with Cole Sprouse. So, here’s what happened: a fan uploaded a throwback video of Halsey performing in a play as a child. Dressed in a dazzling pink gown, paired with a slightly messy blonde wig, it’s hard not to coo over the little star.

But Halsey’s reaction to her very own clip takes the cake. She retweeted the post, and wrote, “how do you know this is me and not tiny @colesprouse @dylansprouse in a long blonde wig hmm….?” Cole Sprouse then rose to the occasion by sharing a photo of himself portraying the beauty pageant contestant, Tyresha on ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’. Well, they certainly do look somewhat similar.

Now, Halsey’s always been very active on social media. You’ll find all evidence above. Be it to make her fans cackle or to address more serious issues like the #BlackLivesMatter movement, wherein she took the time out to spill her unfiltered thoughts on the issue and urge people to help. But amidst all this, we also see Halsey in different shades: her natural glow, Halsey the Performer, Halsey the Meme. And so this time, just to brighten up your day, we’ve picked out Halsey’s most aesthetic moments on social media. Take a look…

Photo Credits: Halsey Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun