10 Times Ava Max Was the Queen of Portraits

Ava Max and her best portraits

Amanda Ava Koci, better known as rising pop star, Ava Max has been on a streak of new releases. The American singer-songwriter made it big with her 2018 release, ‘Sweet But Psycho’ and hasn’t stopped since.

But, creating catchy pop hits isn’t all that Ava is good at. Sure, when she puts out a release, fans are excited about the new music. But, that excitement extends itself to the singers knack for putting out brilliant aesthetics, too. And, with her new ‘Kings & Queens’ era, the singer is serving some iconic looks.

And, in honour of a new Ava Max era, we’re running through some of her best portraits. Keep the museums on hold, please.

Photo Credit: Ava Max’s Official Instagram

By: Ahalya Narayanan