10 Times Lil Nas X Cracked us Up on Instagram

lil nas x

A newbie to the industry, Lil Nas X made a name for himself in a very short span of time. Over the past year, his tunes have gone on to dominate charts across the globe, he’s landed some stellar collabs and he’s even managed to score some Grammy wins. If that isn’t proof of great talent, we don’t know what is. But then again, there’s another reason why people have fallen so hard for the young star. Two words: his posts. His social media updates range from meme-y content, to bizarre filters to the most millennial moods to the most hilarious captions out there. Simply put, his posts are relatable. So, much so that one tends to forget that he’s a hot-shot star with a whopping 6.2 million followers, on Instagram. But speaking of his use of these platforms, he also takes the time off to discuss political issues. In fact, just recently, he took to Twitter to point out that the #BlackoutTuesday movement was a terrible idea and that “We don’t need to slow it down by posting nothing. We need to spread info and be as loud as ever.”

But, right now, we’re hoping to lighten things up. And so, we’ve picked out his most ridiculous, wildest posts from Instagram just for you. Hopefully, this can brighten up your day, just a tad bit. 

Photo Credit: Lil Nas X’s Official Instagram

By: Nina Karun