XPerience Sessions with Ananya Birla: Dive In

Ananya Birla in COversation with RJ Melbin

Every week, IndigoMusic.com dives into the world of a new artist. And, this week was no different. RJ Melbin had the chance to catch up with singer-songwriter, and India’s rising star, Ananya Birla. And, let’s just say, this interview delivered on every front. 

On the heels of her brand new single, ‘Let There Be Love’, Birla has a lot to offer up. And, we’re all ears. In this full-length conversation with RJ Melbin, she takes us through her creative process, her inspiration and drive, and everything in between.

In the past few years, Ananya Birla has been a steady riser. With tens of millions of views under her belt and energetic moments of music to keep us all company, it would seem that she’s just getting started. Her music aims at speaking to our generation with honesty and compassion. And, while she does that in earnest, there’s more than meets the eye with this performer. 

Time in Lockdown has been trying for artists everywhere. And, as everyone navigates their way through this novel situation, Birla has learnt a thing or two. The singer-songwriter talks about learning to slow down, and finding a new rhythm in life. In addition, she gives us insight into what it’s been like: being a songwriter in the midst of it all. Further, Birla gives us the promising news of new music, saying she’s been writing songs non-stop. 

And, if that wasn’t enough, Ananya Birla shone bright in a rapid fire round. Let’s just say, she has something to say about Harry Styles’ ‘Watermelon Sugar’. So, wait now more. Hit play and let the discovery ensue. 

Here’s RJ Melbin in conversation with Ananya Birla, catching up on her latest single, ‘Let There Be Love’, songwriting, creativity and a whole lot more.

By: Ahalya Narayanan