In Conversation with Raghu Dixit: “A Hymn of Hope, Love & Empathy”

As the COVID-19 pandemic chugs along, music proves to be an unstoppable force, capable of healing. Here to prove that better than anyone is folk/fusion extraordinaire, Raghu Dixit, with his ability to skillfully craft a heart-rendering track. Talking about his new project in partnership with Phase 1 Events and Experience, the singer dives deep into the process behind the new release – “A Hymn of Empathy, Love & Hope” and what it means in the times of a global pandemic. 

Conveying the simple yet powerful message, “May the whole world live in happiness, may all the worlds live in happiness”, this new release is relevant now more than ever. In a true celebration of the strength of the human spirit, this project is a collaboration between 32 notable artists from around the world, making up the #Love2Humanity campaign. From Shebani Dandekar, Boman Irani and Javed Ali to Best Kept Secret, Salim Merchant and Raghu Dixit, this release celebrates the spirit of unity. 

Speaking of the birth of this project, Oum Pradutt (MD and Founder of Phase 1 Events and Experiences) said: “Raghu and I always collaborate and when this lockdown was announced, I thought we just have to do something. I called him and said, ‘Buddy, let’s do something really special. Let’s send a message to the whole world.’ Humanity is affected, not just one country or one state.” 

Diving into the process of composing the track, Raghu Dixit quipped: “It’s just a tune. A whole lot of na-na-na-nas, and then you fill it up with words”. Well, that is before he broke out into marvelous sound.

Take a look at the full anthem featuring Raghu Dixit and more, above.  

By: Ahalya Narayanan

5 Underrated Songs of Michael Jackson

Here are our picks for 5 underrated songs of Michael Jackson who is revered around the world and is called the ‘King of Pop’ for a reason. He spoke to us through simple, yet meaningful lyrics, pumped us up with his beats, blew our minds with memorable music videos (and expensive, I may add). MJ vowed us with his dance moves and live performances.

Who can forget the adrenaline pumping, ‘Beat It’, ‘Bad’, ‘Smooth Criminal’ or the melodious ‘Billie Jean’ and ‘Heal The World’ of MJ? He was in the true sense of the word – A Performer.

With a plethora of songs to his credit, there are a few that might have flown a bit under the radar. Our choice is based on his ability to adapt his music to the times, the energy in his songs and the variety to his caliber.

Check out the video to know it all.

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By : Aatira Kakroo