K-Pop Kulture: 3 Bizarre Rules Idols Have to Follow

K-pop Kulture!

Our series, K-Pop Kulture, is here to give you the rundown on all things K-Pop. From discovering new music to diving into the intricacies of the industry, we cover it all, right here on IndigoMusic.com. But, there’s one thing left unchecked on that list. And, today, we’re diving headfirst into it.

Any guesses? Well, it includes the talk of some strange rules. Yep, on today’s episode of K-Pop Kulture, we’re introducing you to some of the most bizarre rules that K-Pop idols have to follow in order to be where they are.

From crazy dietary restrictions to contractual dating bans and more, our favourite K-Pop idols have to deal with a lot. And, while every celebrity has to pay a certain price to succeed, it seems that in this industry, the price is high. Hit play to dive into all the details…

And, as in recent times the K-Pop industry has been globalised to some extent, a lot of companies have calmed down on the severity of their rules and restrictions, giving freedom to their artists. But, unfortunately, many of these bizarre, invasive rules continue to exist and limit the artists we love. So, when you see a K-Pop idol killing it on stage, remember: they’ve had to sacrifice a whole lot on the way to the top.

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By: Ahalya Narayanan