Celebrating World Music Day with A Brand New Song

World Music Day: It’s Everybody’s Everything

Today, 21st June, is World Music Day worldwide! And yes it is easy to confuse it with world-music day but that’s just not it.

We, as creators, listeners, and players of music are celebrating this occasion in a big way! So we got our RJs, and writers, and, producers together to create a joyous celebration of music on this wonderful day.

Today the table is full up with a brand new song from us, a look at some stellar instrumentalists, a rundown of iconic hits that’ve made their mark on countless generations and so much more!

First up, as we show you our brand new song – RJ Neerja created the lyrical journey of the truth of our relationship with music. She crooned, to music created by Nelson, “It’s a day that we love more than anything for something that we cant lose /If there’s one thing that can help with feeling something in the moment it’s you.”

Adding to the melody you can see RJ Melbin and the producers swaying to the words, “Music music music it’s everybody’s everything / Cue it cue it cue it and let it be your everything.”

It has been a real pleasure sharing this video with you on World Music Day. We have just one message for you, as they say, “let the music play, baby.”

XPerience Session with Suraj Mani and RJ Melbin

This time around, our Xperience Session witnessed the superstar Suraj Mani in conversation with RJ Melbin. Now, Suraj Mani is a rocker, poet-philosopher, songwriter and former lead vocalist of the band Motherjane.

He’s known as one of the most prolific artists from the Independent music scene. He hails from Kerala and is popularly known as the ‘singing sensei’.
Currently, he is the founder & frontman of Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip. In our Xperience Sessions with him, watch as Suraj Mani dives deep into his origin story, and how his love for music bloomed. The star also discusses the concept behind some of his hit tunes, before playing a wild round of ‘Song Associations’ with RJ Melbin.

So, watch on, to get to know Suraj Mani just a bit more intimately.

The Coronavirus pandemic hit us like we never expected. But, somehow, music and art have saved the day. The international music community has rallied together like never before. And as we put up a unified front, they have given us some amazing music to keep hopes alive. From virtual live concerts, live streams, fundraisers and new releases, artists world over are contributing to this fight against Covid-19 lockdown in every possible way.

IndigoMusic.com has been doing its bit to bring the nation together during these tough times. Our Lockdown Music campaign has been home to talent from all over India. We also hosted an IndigoMusic.com #LockdownMusic Concert featuring some of the biggest names in music from Bengaluru. The musical tribute to health care professionals and frontline workers was held in aid of the PM Cares Fund. Singer Soundarya Jayachandran, Sufi and folk vocalist Aabha Hanjura, Indian fusion music exponent Vasu Dixit, Pop and light rock band Best Kept Secret and homegrown rock band Peepal Tree gave stunning performances as part of the line up. Take a look.

IndigoMusic.com’s RJs have also gone LIVE on Instagram with influential names like r&b superstar Jay Sean, rapper Raja Kumari and Bryden of the Bryden-Parth duo. All in all, #LockdownMusic continues to create musical magic like no other. So, stay tuned!