One Republic Bring Better Days For All

Ryan Tedder and his boys are at it again. One Republic has a new album coming up and they just dropped a single from it!

‘Better Days’ has fans hooked and anticipating the entire album. This is what they had to say about how this came about: “We were in the final week of our fifth album deadline when a global pandemic was declared by the WHO. A few of us unknowingly got exposed to somebody with Covid-19 in London and ended up in quarantine in LA at my studio for two weeks. With only two songs left to finish, one of them happened to be ‘Better Days‘. We write about real experiences and events that happen to us – this is what happens when you write a song during a crisis.”

Beautifully said by the band. They have also been getting creative with how to get a video out for the song. They invited their fans to share their videos at home of sharing acts of kindness. They promised to feature the best videos they find via the Cinebody app through which they have been collecting these videos.

Kehlani Feels “Toxic” With Corona Pandemic

Coronavirus — the great equalizer is at play and it has musicians on their knees, literally. A new music video for Kehlani’s ‘Toxic’ is out and it is a home video. Yes the ones that your kids make at home. But better, more sultry, more creative, more provocative — because, well, it’s Kehlani.

She spoke about the video in earnest and the fact that it is a home shot one, “my director name Hyphy Williams.” She said on Instagram,”TOXIC (quarantine style) home video link in bio. ToxicChallenge goin up cuz social distancing got y’all in the house bussin s— too.”

The world had been waiting for her sophomore album with much anticipation but that has been pushed back. This is a great way to keep fans engaged and to show that great music doesn’t always need high budget visuals to make it great.

Watch the “Toxic” video below.