The Week In Music is Brimming with News

You already know how seriously we take pop culture here at And to make sure you stay all caught up, your friendly host Nupur is back with another episode of ‘The Week in Music’. From Michael Jackson’s royalty issues, to news about Florence + The Machine, she’s got you covered. 

So, sit back and soak it all in.

And while you stay caught up with pop culture, remember that has got you covered every step of the way during this Lockdown. So, this is most definitely your one-stop destination for music news. has been doing its bit to bring the nation together during these tough times. Our Lockdown Music campaign has been home to talent from all over India. We also hosted an #LockdownMusic Concert featuring some of the biggest names in music from Bengaluru. The musical tribute to health care professionals and frontline workers was held in aid of the PM Cares Fund. Singer Soundarya Jayachandran, Sufi and folk vocalist Aabha Hanjura, Indian fusion music exponent Vasu Dixit, Pop and light rock band Best Kept Secret and homegrown rock band Peepal Tree gave stunning performances as part of the line up. Take a look.

Also, here’s some news you don’t want to miss out on:’s RJs have also gone LIVE on Instagram with influential names like r&b superstar Jay Sean, rapper Raja Kumari and Bryden of the Bryden-Parth duo. All in all, #LockdownMusic continues to create musical magic like no other. So, stay tuned! 

RJ Melbin is Here with the 3rd Edition of ‘Musically Incorrect’

Our week isn’t complete without another edition of ‘Musically Incorrect’. RJ Melbin kick started this brand new segment just two weeks ago. And boy has it delivered. Here’s how it works: he takes one all-time famous tune, scratches out the lyrics and pens down his own. 
What follows is of course a performance with the new lyrics. Most often you’ll see RJ Melbin with a mic (remote) in hand. Last week, the butt of the joke was Eminem with his iconic tune, ‘Without Me’. And this week, it’s  ‘Pretty Fly For a White Guy’ by the Offspring.

This time, the theme revolves around something we’ve all been yearning for during this lockdown…let’s just call it some liquid magic. So, now it’s time for you to watch RJ Melbin jump around, pick up 7 different glasses, a bottle or two and just have a good ol’ time. 
Fair warning, this video might result in hysterical bouts of laughter. But that’s just what happens with Melbin on-screen and on-air. And as long as we get to cheer you up, we wouldn’t have it any other way. So, keep an eye out, ‘cuz RJ Melbin has got a lot more in store for you.

Nothing like A Round of Music Freeze to Keep Your Spirits Up

Day 43 of the #Lockdown

Mhmm Music Freeze is here to spread all that cheer! The rules are simple: pick up the last letter from the previous song and sing another one! You’ll have to watch on to see how Melbin and Neerja fare. Oh and watch out for the new version of ABBA’s Super Trouper😉