Celeb Fights – Who Would Win- RJ Neerja Drops Some Bombs

While the Kimye clan continues to feud, Taylor is out there keeping it classy. But, we got to wondering – who would win if these celebrities got into it? RJ Neerja weighed her opinions! 🙈

RJ Neerja Decodes The Weeknd’s latest Album After Hours

Here’s The Weeknd’s latest album, ‘After Hours’ decoded by RJ Neerja and it’s quite the wild rabbit hole she’s just explored. Much like the album itself! But honestly, this album has suprised us every step of the way. And we’ve enjoyed every minute of it

Flip The Switch With RJ Melbin and RJ Neerja

They just flipped the switch. In a safe way, of course, what with all this social-distancing going on. But come on guys, did you really think we were going to miss out on this trend? Though, we will admit, nothing can ever beat the OG – JLo’s version. What. A. Masterpiece.