Flip The Switch With RJ Melbin and RJ Neerja

They just flipped the switch. In a safe way, of course, what with all this social-distancing going on. But come on guys, did you really think we were going to miss out on this trend? Though, we will admit, nothing can ever beat the OG – JLo’s version. What. A. Masterpiece.

Between the Lines – Episode 2

You asked, and Aatira answered. Episode 2 of Between The Lines is here and the only question is – are you ready to say bye bye to your innocence? Stay tuned to InidgoMusic.com because we’ve always got fun content like this coming through!

A Playlist for the Introverts with RJ Melbin and RJ Treesa

It’s Introvert Week and what with all the social distancing and self-quarantine, the timing couldn’t have been better. Watch as Treesa and Melbin take you through their specially curated list of songs to keep you company as you stay home, and stay safe!