Niki Minaj just dropped “Yikes”, her latest promotional single of 2020! She released the track at a Poll star Live 2020 event. Niki spits fire in her chorus that goes like “Yikes, I play tag and you it for life”. Well she tagged an unwilling player, Meek miller, who is accused of harassing Niki on twitter regarding the track.

Minaj teased the song earlier this week, where fans were assured to expect a great album because she is in a good place. She calls herself the queen in the track which hasn’t rung well with a lot of people. But live and let live right?

A tour was also hinted at during the event where she disclosed that she was “Excited to go back on the road”. Nothing more around the tour was revealed but it sure got us hyped up!

However Niki also claimed that she was pressured to release the song. This is a universal issue faced by artists where fans don’t give them the creative space and freedom they need to put out good work. Due to rushed efforts to hit the charts, the quality of music has steadily declined over the years.

It is still unclear if “Yikes” will be included in her upcoming album after 2018’s “Queen”. Nonetheless, fans have been voting for the song to top the Billboard. Niki’s booming track has surpassed music from Justin Beiber , Niall Horan, Green Day and others.

She has started standing up along with other female artists against the misogyny in the industry. Just last week Minaj defended the ousted Grammy chief Deborah Dugan. She was quoted saying “Shout out to deb. We need strong women that are willing to say what they have to say, even when they’re getting backlash for it”. In January she also teamed up with Meghan Trainor for her track “Nice to meet ya “. We can’t wait for her album release .


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