“My Oh My” Camilla

    Camila Cabello’s out with her high-production video for the smash hit single “My Oh My” and it is a rollercoaster of adrenaline like no other!

    The powerhouse vocalist who is slowly on her way to becoming pop royalty had been teasing the release of the video for a while with stills on set (of which there were many). She asked followers to guess what the video was going to be about and well, the answers flooded in but none predicted what was to come.

    The video follows Cabello who plays an actress in old Hollywood, unable to break out of her “damsel in distress” character typecasting. She longs for something new – to play an action hero, and there enters DaBaby. the rapper, who features on the track, breaks her out of the backward thinking, old-timey world of the plain old heroine, and launches her into the technicolour world of progress, heroism and action.

    The production on this one is high, involving large-scale VFX, set and costume design and choreography. The concept of the video also comes at a perfect time as Camila prepares for her role as Cinderella in the new James Corden production of the classic fairy tale.

    Check out the music video for My Oh My!


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