Miley Cyrus Recovers After a Vocal Chord Surgery

Miley Cyrus will be taking a short break from the music scene as she’s recovering from a vocal cord surgery, after a bout of tonsillitis.

The singer was told she would need to have surgery before the end of the year. After undergoing the procedure and leaving the hospital, Cyrus must now adhere to weeks of silence as part of the recovery process, postponing her plans to record new music and perform until early 2020.

Currently, Cyrus has been working on her new album and was planning a tour in 2020. However, now everything’s on hold until her condition improves.

Thankfully, the singer isn’t alone in this. She’s been receiving constant support from her new boyfriend, Cody Simpson. On Friday, Simpson posted a photo on Instagram photo of them with the caption “success” seemingly alluding to the surgery.

Cyrus revealed on Instagram that “Cody was with her at the hospital and has been by her side,” Sources say that the couple are staying in, biding time by watching movies and that sounds like the ideal way to recover!

We’ll all miss her husky voice but for now, let’s give her all the support we can!

Here’s a Peek into Niall Horan’s Dream Collabs!

Niall Horan recently opened up about his dream collaborations and we’ve already got our fingers crossed! In the latest episode of Billboard’s First Stream Live podcast, Horan discusses the difficulty of making “dream collaborations” happen, mentioning the fan-favorite suggestion of teaming up with Shawn Mendes and even the possibility of a Taylor Swift collab in the future.

Earlier this year, Horan reached out to Mendes in response to a fan. The pop crooner took to Twitter, saying that “he’d try,” teaming up with Mendes for a song.

“We ARE going to,” Mendes added, to which Horan confirmed, “Let’s do it then.”

Horan’s former One Direction band mate, Liam Payne also chimed in, feeling a bit excluded. “Can I play the triangle?” he asked and this subsequently, took all their fans into a frenzy!

Now speaking of Taylor Swift, Horan’s showed his support from day one. When the ‘Shake It Off’ singer released the title track from her album, ‘Lover’, Horan wrote on a screenshot of the tune, “This song is a classic and it’s so important for music,”. Swift reposted the sweet comment, thanking Horan for his kind words. The two performed together during the London stop of Swift’s ‘Reputation’ stadium tour, where she brought out Horan for a performance of his hit tune, “Slow Hands.”

So, clearly, Horan already has a fantastic rapport with both artists, now all that’s left is news of the upcoming collab and we’re set!