Miley Cyrus Is Safe and Out Of Surgery

Miley Cyrus recently underwent vocal cord surgery after being hospitalized for tonsillitis. The doctors also found a problem with her vocal cords while she was at the hospital for treatment and informed her that she had to remain silent for weeks after her surgery.

But, it looks like everything went well, as the singer’s current boyfriend, Cody Simpson, posted a photograph of Miley in hospital captioning the picture, “Success.”

And so, Miley’s back on her feet after that short hiatus and her fans can finally let out a deep sigh of relief! Recently, the singer shared a video update on Instagram, giving fans a peek into her post-surgery vocal exercises. In the clip, she appeared to be singing while squatting and she captioned it, “No No No No No more wall squat vocal rehabilitation exercises! ( cool trick get another muscle to fire so your throat is distracted, it takes the pressure off your chords and doing this against a wall also helps keep the chin and neck parallel/ back so you have less strain and pull! )”

“I’m finding my vocal surgery at the end of last year to be a gift, made me take time to really hone my craft! Watch out!” Cyrus added. We can’t wait to see what she sounds like once she’s back on stage! And perhaps, with her new and improved voice, we can also get a new…album? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Justin Bieber Gives You A New Remixed Yummy Sound

Justin Beiber came up with staggering views for his latest delicious music video “Yummy” which features him with pink hair! The artist was also recently under Fire for using unconventional strategies to garner support for the track. He has teamed up with Sam Walker to release a new remix of the song , which just dropped today! Did we need this Remix? We’ll never know but so far 2020 seems to be going great!

Justin Beiber teared up at the private release of his latest album since “Purpose” in 2015 , in Los Angeles.Bieber walked into the room filled with industry insiders with a hockey stick clutched in his hands.

His voice quivered as he spoke about the support he received from his crew and producers. don’t even think I should be alive,” Bieber told the audience while recounting a “super challenging” period in his life. “I feel like God’s brought me out of a really dark place”. He launched into a heartfelt speech about his early struggles and tragic life decisions. In the speech he acknowledges his new found peace in his union with his wife, Hailey.

The heartfelt speech soon sprung into a joyous release of his much awaited album , which is set to focus on the healing powers of Love and Marriage. He paced around as he serenaded his wife and pointed out all her favorite songs from the Album. The futuristic Pop album hasn’t gotten an official release date yet. But for now he has served us his docu-series, which delves into his early life.