Love and Music Brew Together

Hollywood’s new couples seem to be flourishing.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson have been going strong ever since they got together a few months ago. The news of their romance came as quite a surprise to fans on both sides, as no one even knew they were friends, let alone lovers!

Confirmation of their relationship came shortly after Miley’s separation from Liam Hemsworth and break up with subsequent girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter. The two got together and haven’t looked back since. Many have noted how happy and relaxed Miley looks in the presence of Cody and how genuine the equation seems.

And you know how they say “music is food for the soul”, well what better way to get fed than to make music with the one you love. Miley and Cody have reportedly been working on releasing new music together, and have been indulging each other’s creativity since their first date.

Sources say that the couple have been encouraging each other’s music making process from the minute they first got together. Simpson himself recently revealed that he has a new song up his sleeve that Miley is forcing him to release. She apparently even threatened to get his Spotify password and upload the song.

Nothing we love more than an encouraging couple and some new music! Can’t wait.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes “Do It” in Public

Everyone’s favourite new couple, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have just taken things to the next level.

Nope, they’re not engaged or planning on getting married, they’re just busy licking each other’s faces in the middle of a restaurant, completely unbothered. The couple, who is famous for their carefree display of affection, have outdone themselves this time.

The couple went public with their relationship a few months ago, shortly after the release of their hit 2019 single “Senorita”. While most fans expected that the couple would be dating, some received the news with pessimism. Reports of the public believing that the relationship is nothing but a PR stunt to promote their song reached an all time high.

Shawn and Camila paid no attention to the naysayers and went about their business as usual. They even uploaded a video on how they kiss, breaking the internet. They’ve never been shy about packing on the PDA.

The two are currently spending the holidays together in Shawn’s hometown Toronto, Canada and were spotted licking each other’s faces in the middle of a restaurant. Nothing stopped the couple, not even the waiter who came to clear their table in the middle of the love sesh. Well, what better way is there to spend the holidays, than filled with love!