Inside Louis Tomlinson’s mind

The south Yorkshire singer, and one of the four members of mega group One Direction recently sat down for a raw, vulnerable interview opening up about all things from his identity as a musician to the dark times he has had to face in the wake of both his mother’s and sister’s deaths.

The singer has seen both ups and downs since the boy band went on a “hiatus”, both in his personal as well as professional life. After a string of fairly successful, typical radio hits, the singer took a step back to re-evaluate his identity as a musician and an artist. He was tired of writing songs that would be commercial successes and decided instead to delve into something that he could be proud of. That attitude resulted in the song – “Two of Us” – a stripped down, acoustic track that Tomlinson wrote about his mother. About the song, he says – “I felt that as a songwriter, I wasn’t going to move on until I’d written a song like that.”

He’s clearly turned a corner in terms of his musicality with proof in his latest single “Kill My Mind” – an unexpected Oasis type, light rock track. Take a listen!


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