IndigoMusic took Comic Con by the Horns

The world’s favourite fantasy land recreation – Comic Con, 2019 made its way to Bangalore for another successful year in the city. A melting pot of literature, incredible cosplayers, comics and all things fantastical, Comic Con is always a wild ride and this year, IndigoMusic decided to get on board for a spin.

The Indigo RJs RJ Melbin – Morning Show host and RJ Niladri – The Drive host dropped by the convention to shine a light on all the extremely committed cosplayers who pulled out all the stops for this year’s festival. From The Joker to Wolverine and many more incredible personas, the cosplayers of the country all met at one place and man did the Indigo fam enjoy it.

The RJs got to interact with some of the coolest people at the convention and even gave away FREE Flat Screen TVs to the best dressed cosplayers. Watch on to see everything that went down, and stay tuned because there’s more where that came from!


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