Adam Lambert applauded Sam Smith on coming out also requested the media to call him as “Them/They” from now. In a recent interview Lambert said that he understands what they are going through with the media’s attention. “The media loves something that feels new and ten years ago — in America anyway. “At some point, you have to break through the ceiling and discuss trans or non-binary issues and I’m so proud of Sam,” Adam adds.

Sam smith addressed the media who were critical towards Smith’s decision to not be referred as ‘’He” or “His”.

“If you stop for a minute and make it not about you and put yourself in the shoes of the person that’s being talked about and try to understand their experience… you’ll realize what’s being asked is just that you be a decent human being,” he says. “People get defensive, saying, ‘How dare you ask me to change the way I think!’, and just a little empathy would help.”


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