How artists are helping out during the coronavirus pandemic

Since the coronavirus outbreak, countries have urged self-isolations in order to help flatten the curve and reduce transmission. In the world of music, although tours and live shows have either been postponed or canceled, artists have stepped up to offer help. They are not only offering relief in these pressing times by providing livestreams of their performances, but are also providing aid. Here’s a look at what artists have so far offered during this global crisis.

#Lockdownmusic feat. Raman Jazzing Up We Are The World presents #LockDownMusic!! ‘We Are the World’ just got a brand new makeover. During this crisis, it’s not a bad idea to pick up a favourite instrument and create something wonderful. It’s the need of the hour right now. So, this time, this edition of the tune makes its landing a tad bit more jazz-y, a little melancholy and yet, so, so charming. So, sit back, close your eyes and enjoy this one.