Happy Birthday J-hope

BTS just isn’t complete without their sunny rapper and lead dancer, Jung Hoseok, better known as J-Hope! While J-Hope’s known for a number of things, from his funky fashion sense to the unique rap style he’s adopted, he’s also a simply formidable dancer.

In fact, long before debuting with BTS, he was part of the underground dance team, Neuron, and even took dance classes at the Gwangju Music Academy. His passion for dance blossomed prior to the band’s first stage in 2013. On his way, he’s collected various local prizes for dance, including the first place in a national dance competition in 2008.

So, over the years, his talent in both dance and rap has just skyrocketed and that’s what we’re celebrating today. That and of course his birthday, as the young star turns 26 today! Commemorating his special day at midnight, J-Hope appeared on V Live and cut a cake, sharing this sweet little moment with millions of his followers!

He also received a flood of birthday messages from pretty much everyone, starting off with his fellow band members to even Becky G who collaborated with him on the track, ‘Chicken Noodle soup’.

And now, on the topic of his stand out dancing skills, we’ve got a list of some of his unforgettable stages below!

1.During the 2018 Melon Music Awards, BTS performed a stunning blend of modern and traditional Korean dances for their smash hit, “Idol”. J-Hope opened the set with some sharp choreography, which also incorporated samulnori percussion and talchum masked dance traditions.

2.BTS dropped their second studio album, ‘Wings’ back in 2016 and this arrived with their chilling comeback trailer titled, ‘Boy Meets Evil’ which featured none other than J-Hope. Drenched under the spotlight at the 2016 MAMA Awards, his every movement was so incredibly graceful yet powerful, which is not an easy feat to accomplish. But that’s J-Hope for you!

3.could we not include his killer ‘No More Dream’ dance break. I mean, honestly, HOW did we survive that?! He was just so flirtatious if not downright seductive! This track features on the band’s debut album, ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’ and to see J-Hope perform this track in Beijing 5 years later all grown up, every dance move on point is just such a treat!

4.J-Hope’s solo track, ‘Just Dance’ is pretty much an embodiment of the singer himself. This one features on the album, ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ and his performance of this number in Seoul is possibly going to stay with us till we’re old, walking stick and clunky glasses in hand.

5.And of course, we’d never miss out on all his hip thrusts in ‘Bapsae’! Everytime this song comes around, we just know we’ll be in trouble and J-Hope’s the culprit every single time!

It’s a thrill to see his dancing ability just blossom from his trainee days and hopefully, we’ll add a couple more killer performances to this list from their upcoming tour!

Taylor swift Drops The Man “Live”

Taylor Swift has released a live performance video of her hit single “The Man”.

The feminist power anthem, dripping in sarcasm and emphasising the double standards and hypocrisy women have to deal with, is preceded with a symbolic animated video released last week.

The live performance, staged in Paris, sees Taylor clad in black, made up the classic Taylor way, holding onto her guitar, singing her heart out – the spotlight shining on her. The performance is power and elegance personified, and the point of the song – clear.

In other news, a print publication just revealed that Taylor Swift’s father got into a scuffle with an intruder at his $4million dollar penthouse in Florida. Reports do not state whether the intruder meant to target the home, or found himself there by chance. Scott Swift made it out of the scuffle safe and unharmed, reports state.

This isn’t the Swift family’s first brush with stalkers/ intruders. Taylor has spoken openly about the physical harm and danger she has had to deal with on a regular basis as a result of her celebrity status. Swift even keeps a first aid kit at immediate disposal, complete with pepper spray, bandages and other supplies.

She has always stood up against the violation of one’s boundaries and physical spaces, fighting a sexual assault case in a public trial as well as taking a politcial stance against conservative, Republican politicians in her hometown.

As luck would have it, The Man makes you think and makes you groove. Power to you, ladies!