Happiness Begins on 22nd may For The Jonas Brothers

Another Jonas Brothers album is apparently on its way and we can’t rein in our excitement. Their last album, “Happiness Begins” released last year, giving us all the reunion we spent the 2010s wishing for.

Fans have been picking up on clues left, right and centre, ever since the trio premiered the track “Five More Minutes” on the Grammy stage, along with their most recent smash hit single “What A Man Gotta Do”. The brothers declared that the new tracks are part of their “forthcoming album”, with their website making pre-orders available shortly after.

Most recently, Nick Jonas put up a video on TikTok app where he is seen entering the numbers ‘5-2-2’ into a vending machine while humming ‘What a Man Gotta Do’, leading fans to speculate that the album is all set to release on the 22nd of May.

Further, in a recent YouTube video, the brothers sign off by saying “Let’s get it, let’s go” – far reach, we know, but some fans are wondering if a track titled “Let’s Go”, reminiscent of their unreleased 2011 song, could feature on the upcoming album, furthering the possibility that this project may feature previously unreleased songs.

Look, it may seem like we’re pulling atheories out of thin air, but it works, and they mostly come true. It already feels like we’re getting promotional interviews for new music, and we’re just going to continue to bask in the glory of unconfirmed news until there is something concrete.

Please leave us in peace, thank you.

Justin Timberlake and Sza Sound Good on “The Other Side

Justin Timberlake and SZA are setting fire with their latest track “The Other side”. This track, which is a part of the animated movie “Trolls World Tour” is designed to make you groove with infectious keyboard riffs and hand claps.

They also released a music video in which the duo, dressed in shimmery ensemble groove in front of a fisheye lens. The video starts off with SZA squatting in an all silver bodysuit and Justin in a black outfit singing to a fisheye lens. Giving off futuristic techno vibes , the video manages to capture the energy of the song when others dressed in techno themed outfits start whipping out crazy moves!

SZA spoke about the enthrilling process of working with Justin and his team, she said “I was so thrilled to be invited to participate in this project with Justin,” It’s an energy you can feel in both the song and music video.”

Justin Timberlake stars in the movie and is also the executive music producer of its soundtrack!The complete album is set to be released on March 13th , “The Other Side” is the first single to be released from the animated sequel “Troll World Tour”. The movie follows the Trolls who set out for an adventure to unite 6 different tribes through music. “Trolls World Tour” is set to be released on April 17th .

Justin had topped the charts with “Can’t Stop the Feeling” in 2016 , which was also a track for “Trolls”. It has won a Grammy Award for Best song written for visual media. SZA has proven her worth with “All the stars” which she cut with Kendrick Lamar for the Black Panther soundtrack. This collb feels like Christmas !!