Halsey’s Preying All Over

Halsey might not have scored a Grammy, but she’s definitely been creating a lot of ripples in the music scene! Not only did she recently release her third studio album, ‘Manic’, but she also performed on SNL as a musical guest for the third time! Oh and she’s also featured on the ‘Birds of Prey’ soundtrack, so honestly, there’s a lot of reasons to celebrate!

Halsey kicked off the new season of SNL with a performance of “You Should Be Sad” and “Finally // Beautiful Stranger.” She also appeared in a hilarious sketch titled “Slow,” which also featured the host of the night, Adam Driver.

For “You Should Be Sad,” the singer donned a leather bodysuit and cowboy hat while riding a mechanical bull. And maintaining your vocals while doing that cannot be easy and yet she seemed to pull it off effortlessly.

And for her next track, “Finally // Beautiful Stranger” she slowed things down a notch. It was just her in front of the mic, acoustic guitar in hand while she delivered this soulful ballad.

Halsey said on Twitter that she was inspired to dip into the country music genre for her latest album because “the most petty and heartbreaking songs all come from country.” And it’s clear that the singer isn’t worried about experimenting with new genres as she added yet another feather to her cap, by trying her hand at metal. Yup, you read that right, she came out with a song titled ‘Experiment On Me’ featuring Bring Me The Horizon, for the ‘Birds of Prey’ soundtrack. Perhaps the most exciting part of this song is that you get to hear her attempt a screamo.

Now, finally speaking about her Grammy snub, Halsey said, “I try not to really get my hopes up about stuff like that, mostly because I’m not really thinking about that stuff that much.”

She’s made peace with the fact that the Academy possibly decided that it wasn’t her year, but she hasn’t lost hope, in fact, she believes that she might just take home a Grammy for a project she least expects to win. “I’ve learned to expect the unexpected,” she added.

With a North American tour also coming up, she’s got quite a busy year ahead!

The Jobro’s are Giving You “Five More Minutes”

JoBro’s are out with a new hit! The trio released the song with an unexpected twist. Instead of telling their fans on Instagram or Twitter they opted to preview their new track “Five more minutes” during their Grammy’s performance. They released the song on a popular music identifying app!

The Jonas Brothers returned to the Grammy Awards as nominees after 12 years and they excitement was evident on stage. They were nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group performance for “Sucker”. The trio strolled out to the brightly lit platform, singing about getting more time with a partner. Kevin even gave his wife a quick peek amidst their performance to make a statement. Once on stage, things got ballistic as they were joined by dancers while blasting out “What A Man Gotta Do”

As they performed the “Five more minutes” at the Grammys, mind boggled fans took it to the App to identify the unheard track . They were surprised with a pop up of an explanatory video that this was an unreleased hit by the Jobro’s! Nothing more about the forthcoming album was revealed. The release date is speculated to be sometime this year as their tour for “Happiness Begins” album still continues.

In an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that aired on January 22nd, Nick revealed that “We have a very special performance lined up for the Grammy’s”. This got all of us hyped up, but no one in their right mind expected them to drop a music preview!

The Jonas Brothers made their come back in 2019 with “Happiness Begins” featuring “Sucker”, “Cool” and “Only human”. Now that they’re releasing a new music just shows how inspired they are to give back to their dedicated fans! Time to step into the limelight JoBros!!