The release date for Halsey’s third studio album is drawing closer and closer and it looks like the singer just loves keeping us on our toes with new announcements. She recently took to social media to confirm that she will be touring the U.S and here’s the best part…she’s bringing a few friends along for the ride!

She put up a poster detailing all her North American tour dates and here’s where we got to take a peek at the special guests she’s bringing along: Chvrches, Blackbear, Pvris, and Omar Apollo. The ‘Graveyard’ hitmaker also mentioned that the tour will feel a lot like the inner workings of her mind, her “left brain VS right brain”.

Her tour kicks off on June 2nd in Seattle, and is wrapping up on August 1st in Irvine, California. Sharing their excitement about the tour, Chvrches tweeted “Excited to be touring with @halsey in June!” This will be quite a thrilling experience for Blackbear too as the singer recently shot to fame after the release of his funky single, ‘Hot Girl Bummer’, so hopefully we’ll get to hear a live version of it on this tour!

Halsey’s upcoming album, Manic, has seen songs like ‘Graveyard’, ‘Clementine’ and ‘Without Me’, all tying into the theme of “a look behind the curtain,” as the singer’s said in multiple interviews. While we’re familiar with some of the tracks on the album, we can’t wait to see what else she brings to the table, plus the string of live performances that’ll follow!


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