Dua Lipa is Just Another Hypocrite ?

It looks like Dua Lipa’s run into some trouble! When the ‘New Rules’ hitmaker joined Lizzo at her Grammy after-party, she was spotted doing some…questionable things.

After bagging three Grammys, Lizzo held a party at a strip club, where Dua was seen throwing money at strippers…yup, definitely a sticky situation. News of this broke when Lizzo shared a video on Instagram which showed Dua dancing and throwing bills at the female strippers. This seemed to enrage a lot of people, who took to social media to start trending the hashtag #DuaLipaIsOverParty.

Strangely enough, Dua wasn’t the only big star that attended the party, Rosalia and Lil Nas X showed up too. And yet, they haven’t come under fire the way Dua has. One possible reason for this is that the singer’s often known for being a strong advocate for women’s rights and feminism, and this is clearly reflected in songs like, ‘Don’t Start Now’ and ‘New Rules’. So, seeing her at a space where women are mostly just seen as “objects of pleasure” didn’t sit too well with her fanbase.

While her actions might be contradictory to the kind of message she puts out through her music, this whole issue is also clearly blown out of proportion. But, it looks like nothing can hold Dua back as she’s coming out with her single, ‘Physical’ by the end of this week.

So, we really hope everything is resolved by then!

Kesha is back with “Tonight”

The Queen of party anthems, who gifted us with Tik Tok is back! Kesha’s most ratchet single is out, she dropped “Tonight” right before her album release. The album titled “High Road” is set to release on January 31st. “Tonight” is the title track for “Highroad” and seems to be a blend of rap and her signature EDM pop music.

Kesha’s career was halted for a while due to a legal battle against her former producer Dr.Luke, who sexually and emotionally exploited her. As a champion of the #MeToo movement, Kesha had taken a step back from the spotlight to rejuvenate. This time she has come back even stronger with “Tonight”.

The song revolves around the idea that you would be able to have the best night of your life if you let it be! Kesha raps “Just found out me and John has the same shoe, that’s a fact”. While we’re still stuck with brushing our teeth with a bottle of Jack, Kesha has soared heights from her younger party girl persona. She defies expectations and continues to be a mature party girl! Who said you can’t have brawn and brains?!

On the eve of her album release she is set to hit the stage with “Resentment” a previously released track, on the “The Late, Late Show with James Corden”. Her previously tracks from “High Road” include “Raising Hell” with Big Freedia and the cheeky number, “My Own Dance”

In an interview she said that though she is very excited for the album, she’s nervous about how the fans will accept her new music. We haven’t heard something like this from Kesha since “Warrior” in 2012 and its heartwarming to see her carefree spirit again! Her latest track sounds like she is in a better place now and we’ve adopted that as our mantra for 2020!