Looks That Made Marilyn Monroe A Fashion Icon

Monroe’s appearances were extremely unforgettable, and she possessed an effortless elegance that stood the test of time. Here’s a look at some of her most stylish moments, whether they happened on the set of a movie, on the red carpet, or while out and about in town. Let’s see which one you like the most.

Marilyn Monroe was more girly than bombshell in 1947. She’s wearing a red and white striped tee and white denim overalls in this photo.
Monroe was still figuring out her style when she became one of Hollywood’s reigning bombshells. In 1947, she was a recently signed contract girl for 20th Century-Fox.
On the set of ‘The Misfits’, who can forget Monroe’s basic but classic look? Blue jeans and a white collared shirt became the new all-American uniform thanks to her.
Monroe’s platinum locks and red lipstick have become as iconic as her white halter dress from ‘Seven Year Itch’. The white dress is now the go-to style when people dress up as her for parties or occasions.
Monroe was the queen of evening gowns, and she made dressing up like a fun game. One of her slinky ensembles, in which the satin gown sweeps into a one-shouldered asymmetrical design, is seen here.
Monroe wears a simple pink summer dress with a series of buttons as she poses on the set of Niagara.
Monroe was photographed wearing a basic black turtleneck and white cigarette pants at her residence here. It’s a classic look that’s still popular today.
Monroe was always a delight to see on the red carpet, and the premiere of ‘There’s No business like Show Business’ was no exception. She’s dressed up in a sleeveless column gown with a white fur shawl.
Monroe favoured outfits that were simple and timeless. The flutter sleeves and dainty peekaboo cut-out add some flare to this red dress, which isn’t overly fussy.
When it came to running errands in the 1950s, leggings and sweatshirts were not so popular. Monroe is dressed in a matching ensemble, which includes a dress with an exaggerated bow and a bolero jacket.