Cardi Gets a “Kulture” Shock

Can you truly call yourself cultured, if you’re not keeping up with Kulture? Nah-ah. The 1-year-old, who’s Cardi B’s daughter, is often found in the spotlight, usually featured in adorable pictures (and the occasional Twitter back and forths). But this time around, the mother-daughter duo found themselves in a rather sticky situation.

A fan (the term may be used loosely here) threw some serious shade at Kulture by saying that she was “not the cutest”. This was enough to warrant a scathing reply from Cardi. “My daughter is very much the cutest bitch so sit down with your overgrown gums,” she fired, “Thats a fake tweet. Dumb bitch play with your mother or in traffic don’t play with mines.”

The “fan” took to Twitter for a rather simple defense, before deleting the thread, saying “It’s called an opinion.”

Here is what Cardi’s fury in response looked like, “Ok and this a fact bitch YOU IS TRASH ..You lucky I am a change woman I woulda violated your kids so bad you would hate your baby father for makin them. Don’t try my kid,”

The thread from both ends has been deleted since, leaving only this picture of the baby and the baby mamma.

Well, lessons have been learnt. Cardi might’ve blown this out of proportion a tad bit, but it’s Cardi after all. And you just don’t want to pick a fight with her!

Lady Gaga is Back With a New Song

Lady Gaga just confirmed that she is releasing a new single called ‘Stupid Love’ on the 28th of February (that’s day after tomorrow, people). The track will feature on her upcoming sixth studio album, something we literally cannot wait for.

The song was reportedly leaked earlier in January, with fans catching a sneak peek of it immediately. The “Shallow” singer tweeted as a response to the leak, ‘Can y’all stop’ and we agree. The song was removed before she tweeted, but man does it feel like a wasted effort when these things happen.

“I’ve started writing, I have a lot of ideas and a lot of things I want to create, so you’ll see in a bit. I need some time to create,” Gaga said in an interview in 2017. Her last full length studio album was released in 2016, followed by the solo single “The Cure” late last year.

The “Stupid Love” artwork is out on billboards, with copyright information, the song’s name and also the word ‘Chromatica’ which fans are speculating will be the album’s name.

But, until the track comes out, you could have a listen to these famous songs by Lady Gaga.

1. Paparazzi (2008) : The song uses a techno beat to dissect the relationship between an artist and the press. It explains how an obsessive stalker thinks and what goes on in their mind. It became a huge hit and it still feels fresh even after 12 years.

2. Bad Romance (2009) : Electro pop music can’t be complete without its music video, in which Gaga is sold as a sex slave in a Russia bathhouse and finally takes revenge from the buyer. While the singer performs flawless choreography and strikes amazing visuals, it’s a must listen.

3. Judas (2011) : The electronic house music surely takes us on a trip of gothic avant garde. The song is about how Lady Gaga walks into her future with saying goodbye for good to her past mistakes – drugs, men or struggles with mental health.

4. Poker Face (2008) : The mega hit was the best selling single of the year, the robotic music talks about the singer’s bisexuality and also has references to Texas Hold em. She revealed in an interview , “That’s really what the song was all about – why when I was with my boyfriend was I fantasising about women?!”

Take a listen to these and just wait for what’s coming our way from Gaga.